Written by Primary P.E. Specialist Teachers for Primary School Teachers

High quality videos demonstrating successful, age related outcomes

Complete P.E. is an interactive online resource that enables both specialists and non-specialists to plan and implement high quality teaching within physical education. Complete P.E. currently comprises of over 300 suggested sequences of learning for Foundation, KS1 and KS2, a resource which is constantly growing and developing.

Complete P.E. provides teachers with the structure and content required to deliver the physical elements of learning. Complete P.E. incorporates key questions, which challenge pupils' cognitive learning within physical education. The physical and cognitive elements of outstanding P.E. are encapsulated within easy to use suggested sequences of learning for all programs of study for Foundation, KS1 and KS2 as proposed by the Physical Education National Curriculum.

An interactive teacher CPD resource, updated to reflect curriculum amendments and progress

Exciting, active and progressive EYFS, KS1 and KS2 suggested sequences of learning

Teachers can use Complete P.E as their planning and print each page directly from the resource. Teachers are encouraged to select the relevant sections from Complete P.E. and use them in their planning templates, drawing on their own knowledge and ideas to support learning. Teachers are able to annotate each suggested sequence of learning, enabling them to keep track of their pupils' progress.

We have partnered with National children's charity, the Youth Sport Trust to provide their signature TOP PE resource cards alongside our Complete P.E. online planning and assessment platform. The bundle is your comprehensive solution to delivery of high quality PE in primary schools and is available from the Youth Sport Trust.

Click here to discover more about the Youth Sport Sport Trust TOP PE / Complete P.E. partnership.

Complete P.E. and TOP PE resources from the Youth Sport Trust

Easy to use Impact Tracking Assessment Software: P.E Attainment & Physical Activity

Complete P.E. uses colour coded success criteria, matched against age-related expectations. Accompanying the criteria are videos, highlighting what teachers should be looking for in order to assess their pupils' learning. A built in assessment grid enables teachers to track pupils' attainment against the age-related expectations.