Written by Primary P.E. Specialist Teachers for Primary School Teachers

Plan and deliver
High Quality
Physical Education
by implementing our scheme of work

Complete P.E. contains over 700 sequences of learning that flow in a progressive, sequential order from Foundation to year 6. Embedded within the sequences of learning are over 850 differentiation learning cards that enable teachers to confidently differentiate and personalise the learning for all their pupils. In partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, we have fully integrated two exceptional resources; My Personal Best Primary and TOP PE to further support teachers' planning, delivery and assessment of PE.

Our brand-new Curriculum Mapping Builder enables schools to design and create their own Physical Education curriculum using our extensive unit library. Schools can select the content that meets their pupils needs to ensure that all pupils have a access to a progressive, broad and balanced curriculum.

Bring your
Physical Education
curriculum to life!

High quality videos demonstrating successful, age related outcomes

The success criteria within each of the sequences of learning encompass physical, cognitive, social and emotional successes. Every success outcome is carefully aligned with the national curriculum. Accompanying the success criteria are over 6000 videos. The videos demonstrate successful age related learning and provide a valuable training tool as they bring the lesson and the learning to life.

Inside our subject leaders' area, PE leaders can access all the necessary resources needed to be able to perform their role with ease. This area is constantly updated to ensure the support is relevant and fresh. Webinars, workshops, guides and additional resources can all be found in here, linked to all elements of the role.

On-going subject leader support and whole school CPD

Easy to use Physical Education, Physical Activity and Swimming assessment tools

Our inbuilt assessment tool enables teachers to complete quick and meaningful summative assessments. By using the success criteria embedded within the sequences of learning, which are aligned with the national curriculum, teachers can make logical and informed assessments of pupil progress. The assessment tool calculates the percentage of pupils on track to meet age related expectations (ARE) and generates an automatic summative report statement, saving valuable time.