Complete P.E. is an online planning and assessment resource, which provides teachers with lesson plans and resources to support the delivery of high quality PE.
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The Interactive Primary Physical Education Resource

Complete P.E. is an interactive online resource that enables both specialists and non-specialists to plan and implement high quality teaching within physical education. It currently comprises of over 450 suggested sequences of learning for Foundation, KS1 and KS2, a resource that is constantly growing and developing.

Suggested Sequence of Learning

Suggested sequences of learning across all areas of the P.E. National Curriculum, which flow in a logical order presenting teachers with flexibility in the delivery of their lessons.

Success Criteria

Success criteria set against age related expectations ensures all learning outcomes are achievable. This provides a simple and accurate system for teachers to monitor pupils’ progress and attainment.


Videos of ‘success’ highlight what teachers should be looking for in their learners. The videos could be shown to pupils prior to the start of the practical lesson.

Pupil Observations

Annotate each suggested sequence of learning with notes and observations. This allows the teacher to keep track of the classes classes and individual progress/assessment.


Our suggested sequences of learning and assessment grids can be printed, enabling teachers to annotate hard copies and share assessment data with key stakeholders.

Pupil Information

Upload pupils onto our Impact Tracking Assessment Software (ITAS) which records and stores their assessment data, allowing teachers to review the progress each individual pupil has made in P.E.

PE Assessments

Record pupils’ P.E. attainment using our built in assessment tool. The assessment tool automatically calculates the percentage of pupils on track to meet the age related expectations (ARE).

Teacher CPD

Complete PE allows sustainable and continual teacher CPD. Videos give teachers a constant, clear picture of expected pupil outcomes and the necessary support in facilitating P.E. lessons.

Physical Activity assessment

Our Physical Activity grid tracks pupils’ physical attainment and enables schools to monitor which pupils are maintaining a healthy active lifestyle, based on the government guidelines.

Impact Data

Generate impact data reports, calculating the percentage of pupils on track / achieved their key stage threshold target along with tracking pupils physical activity levels.